At an altitude of approx. 3000 metres you enjoy an unfrogettable 360 degree panorama of the mountains. The altitude of the flight depends on the wind and visibility on any given day. There is nothing to prevent a flight at over 4000 meters - naturally with the aid of oxygen supplies over towns and populated areas a minium height of 300 metres above the highest feature must be mainmained.

Actual time in the air is normally 60-90 minutes, depending on conditions. You should allow approx. 3-4 hours for the whole undertaking.

The balloon flies in the same direction and at the same speed as the wind. The pilot uses the various winds at different altitudes to manoeuvre the balloon through the valleys. So, by flying at different heights, the pilot can, to a certain degree, fly in the direction he wants. For this purpose the burner is used: the hotter the air in the balloon, the higher it rises. If the pilot makes no use of the burner for a time, then the air in the ballon gradually cools down, and the balloon loses height.

As the balloon slowly rises into the air, the ground crew follow it in their vehicle. (Land Rover with diesel pump, fuel injection, all working). You will be brought back to the meeting point after the flight. Your family would like to follow the flight from start to finish? No problem! Our pursuit vehicle is constantly under the balloon, so you just drive behind it.

Since we travel with the wind, there is no perceived wind in the basket, so the temperature is agreeable, comparable to that on the ground.

Yes! You are free to take photos from the air,so don´t forget to take your camera, video camera (fully charged battery) or binoculars with you. However, we we will not be held responsible for any photos you may choose to publish!


Safety can only be ensured in good weather conditions. Balloons cannot fly in strong or gusty winds of over 10knots (approx.18kph), rain, snowfall, or bad visibility. You will be informed by the pilot on the day before the flight is planned, as to weather conditions are favourable or not. It is rare, but it can happen, that a flight has to be cancelled shortly before the start, or even at the starting-point, if adverse weather or wind conditions prevail. This is subject exclusively to the judgment of the pilot in charge. The safety of the passengers and pilot take absolute priority. Therefore a certain degree of flexibility an patience should form part of your planning. Nobody can force the weather to fit in with our plans, but........that ideal moment WILL come! So, please understand that unfavourable weather conditions can cause delays and postponements!

Approximately 24 hours before the flight we receive a weather update, and as long as the weather conditions look favourable, we agree the starting location, the meeting point and the schedule with our passengeres.

No! Aviation law forbids the use of mobile phones in aircraft i.e. also balloons. Leave your mobile in flight mode for the whole duration of the flight. You can turn it on again after landing. Naturally you can take photos.

Clothing in winter: warm, long underwear and appropriate outer clothing(skiwear). Good, warm shoes are essential.    Warm socks and boots with enough room in them keep the feet warm. A hat, glowes and scarf are                            important , and you are advised to take hot drinks e.g. tea,coffee and a snack in a rucksack.

Summer clothing:your clothing in summer should be as for hiking in the mountains, depending, of course, on each          person´s sensitivity to cold. Here, too, good boots are important.

The speed of the balloon is the same as the wind speed, so passengers feel no wind in the basket.