Q&A – important information

Hot air ballooning: the FAQs

How to dress for hot air ballooning in winter:
We recommend wearing long thermal underwear and ski clothing for your flight. Sturdy, ankle-high footwear, warm socks, headgear, gloves and a scarf are also important to keep you warm while up in the air. We also recommend packing some hot drinks and light snacks.

How to dress for hot air ballooning in summer:
Dress like you would for a mountain hike: a windproof jacket, mountain trousers and sturdy, ankle-high footwear are an appropriate summer outfit for ballooning.

No. Aviation laws prohibit the use of mobile phones in aircraft, including hot air balloons. For this reason, phone calls are not allowed during the flight. Please make sure you switch your mobile to flight mode for the duration. Photographs are allowed, so you can still use it to take pictures.

Yes, photography is permitted, so make sure you bring your smartphone, camera or video camera and that the battery is fully charged. Binoculars are allowed, too. Please be aware that we decline any liability for published photo materials.

Good weather conditions are essential for safety. In the event of strong wind, rain, snowfall or poor visibility, flights are postponed to guarantee your safety.

If weather conditions are good, the pilot will contact you on the day before to confirm the flight. Last-minute cancellation – either shortly before take-off or even at the launching site – is a possible occurrence, though unusual. The final decision rests with the pilot, who always puts safety first.

We receive the latest weather forecasts about 24 hours before the flight and arrange with you the launch site and gathering place and time accordingly.

Please allow for a certain degree of flexibility with the planning, and take into account that flights can sometimes be delayed or postponed. Alas, we have no control over wind and weather!

The speed depends on the wind: a balloon only flies as fast as the wind blows. That’s why you feel no wind while in the basket.

An altitude of 3,000 metres is enough to see the landscape unfold and enjoy a sensational all-round view of the mountains. Hot air balloons, however, can reach up to 4,000 metres of altitude, which is why oxygen is provided on board for both the pilot and the passengers. The altitude always depends on the day’s wind and visibility conditions, but air balloons must remain at or above a minimum safe altitude of 300 metres when flying over towns and built-up areas.

The flight itself lasts around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on weather conditions. The whole experience, including take-off, landing and return trip, takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

During the flight, our ground team follows the balloon by car. After landing, they will be there to greet you and take you back to the gathering point.

Your family can witness your adventure from take-off to landing – they just need to follow our ground team’s support car.

When you’re in the basket, you won’t feel any wind, since the balloon moves with it. The temperature at altitude is about the same as on the ground.

Da wir mit dem Wind fahren, herrscht im Korb Windstille und es ist somit angenehm. Die Temperatur kann mit der am Boden verglichen werden.